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Monday, January 18, 2010

Wyclef livestreams his press conference and makes a global plea for help

Wyclef just concluded a press conference for his organization Yele that began at 2pm EST. During the conference, he made a personal plea to the world to aid efforts for a max exodus out of the devastated areas of Haiti to safer and secure areas, much like what we saw for Katrina.

The press conference was streamed live and had thousands of people watching and commenting on Facebook, Twitter and in the chat room. He also made a compelling plea in his native language, in which he began crying. It's obvious that he is hurting for his people, like most of the world is right now. They also took time to briefly address some of the rumors and accusations that have run rampant on the internet and through media about his organizations intentions.

It's sad that during this desperate time of need, a sincere humanitarian and global ambassador for his country has to take time to address these unfavorable and hurtful statements made against him. As a PR professional, I appreciated the time that his staff took to disclose and claim full ownership for some of the bad decisions that the organization made in the past. They also are offering financial and tax statements for the media that will prove that they've recently caught up on some of the legal filings that non-profits like his are supposed to submit on a yearly basis.

Watch live streaming video from clefzonemedia at livestream.com