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Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Study Explains Gap Analysis between Techies and Tech Marketers' Usage

UBM TechWeb (www.ubmtechweb.com) just released a social media research study that provides a comprehensive portrait of how technology professionals and technology marketers are using social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and blogs. The study, "Social Media at Work," is the first study of its kind to examine both the usage and preferences of technology decision makers and the activities technology marketers employ to reach them.

The research, which studies the social media consumption habits of 630 technology professional respondents and 350 technology marketing respondents, reveals a gap between the social networks that technology decision makers are most consuming and the networks technology marketers are using to connect with them. "While many technology marketers have established a presence on Facebook and Twitter, many are not taking full advantage of the sites that technology professionals frequent and value most, such as LinkedIn and blogs," said Brandon Friesen, VP and online strategist at UBM TechWeb.

The study also confirms a significant rise in the role social media plays professionally, as it now accounts for an average of 13% of the total time that technology professionals spend consuming media for work purposes. While this is a substantial lift from a study conducted on IT professionals just two years ago, study results also point to the importance of using social media in combination with a fully integrated communications strategy.

Research Highlights:

-- Technology professionals (CIOs, IT VP/Directors, IT Managers,
Line-of-business management, etc.)
-- Social media is ranked fourth out of eleven in terms of time
investment devoted to information sources; technology B2B web
sites were #1.
-- Four in ten respondents plan to increase the amount of time they
spend with social media.
-- LinkedIn and blogs were ranked as the top two most used for
business purposes.
-- Almost 60% use social networks to get information about technology

-- Technology marketers (CMO/SVP/VP Marketing, Directors, Managers, Media
Management, etc.)
-- Technology organizations are increasing marketing spend for social
media outlets over the next 12 months.
-- While most have not used social media to deliver a marketing ROI,
one-third will be tasked to do so in 2010.
-- Facebook and Twitter were ranked as the top two most influential
-- Corporate blogs may be more influential than marketers believe.

"Understanding the technology decision-making audiences' motivations and behaviors when it comes to social media is exceptionally critical - especially at this stage where marketers are still feeling their way when it comes to social networking," said Scott Vaughan, VP Marketing, UBM TechWeb. ''Social media allows you to get a market pulse and truly listen to what your customers and prospects are saying, driving both short and longer term go-to-market strategy."

For related perspective and insight, visit www.createyournextcustomer.com, UBM TechWeb's site for technology marketers.

Friday, May 7, 2010

In Honor of Mother's Day, Groupable, Inc. Names Most Influential Moms Groups; Work It Mom Leads Top 100 List

Groupable, a leading social media platform that enables brand advertisers to connect with targeted communities, today announced its list of the most active and influential moms groups. Its Top 100 list ranks moms groups who are among the most engaged within their socio-demographic target and who have the greatest potential to influence buying decisions.
Based on a proprietary Groupability Index, influence ratings take into account Groupable's sponsorship activity data as well as activity from a variety of social media data points including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Klout Score, blogs, and podcasts. The index rating is calculated based upon aggregate scores in the following categories: authenticity, engagement and relevance.

According to Nate Brochin, Groupable CEO, "Moms Groups represent the most passionate part of a very influential consumer segment. This list shows that influence is more than just Twitter followers. Brands can use Groupable's ratings as a filter to find groups that will be both responsive to marketing initiatives as well as influential in spreading the word of these brand experiences."

The following are Groupable's Top 10 out of the 100 most socially influential moms groups*:

Brochin notes that a group's collective influence and ability to spread a message can reach a much wider audience as compared to that of an individual. "It's about knowing which groups to engage with so as to maximize word-of-mouth equity," Brochin says. "The Groupability Index provides marketers with a single reference point that captures a group's ultimate influence potential."

For a complete list of the Top 100 Most Influential Moms, email Groupable at info@groupable.com or for more Top 5 Influential group lists, go to http://influence.groupable.com/.