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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ViVu Launches Video Collaboration Plug-In For Skype

source: Tech Crunch

ViVu an online video conferencing platform, has launched an easy to use plug-in that enables multi-user video conferencing on Skype (which has over 521 million users). Called VuRoom, the plug-in allows users to video conference, share presentations and their desktops and more with large groups.

ViVu’s “video as a service” lets anyone create a live video webcast that can be used for online meetings and events, sales presentations, demos or training sessions. ViVu’s cloud-based technology can be enabled via a PC, Mac or smartphone and provides an auditorium like-view within the browser making it ideal for large conferences or meetings.

Once VuRoom is downloaded, the host simply selects the Skype contacts they want to join the conference and calls the entire group. The participant joins clicking the URL provided in their text chat window. Call participants, other than the host, need not have the ViVu plug-in installed to participate in the video conference. During the call, the presenter and participants can share their presentations and desktop to other participants.

What this means to you....

If you are already using Skype to talk to friends and family, now you can bring in more people to join the conversation. So your screen would look like the split screens you see on TV when they are talking to people in multiple locations.