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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Did you get the text?

I have been so impressed with the innovative ways that the Barack Obama campaign has been able to engage supporters. A little over a week ago, it was announced that the first people to learn who Senator Obama's pick for Vice President would be sent via text or email. As a fan of all social media tools and strategies, I thought this was brilliant. I was discussing with a colleague exactly when the announcement would be made. It had been reported in the news that he would declare his decision before Saturday. My colleague predicted the text would come around 3 am after weighing the deadlines to make second run of press in the media. Since most media outlets put their final touches on news around 3:30/4:00 am, she said it will probably be around 3 am so he can make the 6 am news and 2nd editions of print newspapers for Saturday. And sure enough at 3:12 am ET, I received the text announcement. How awesome is that?