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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chris Hughes, Former Facebook Co-Founder, Launches Jumo

Yesterday, the former co-founder of Facebook, Chris Hughes announced his new start-up Jumo on his blog. Jumo is a platform to connect individuals and organizations working to change the world. Aside from Facebook, Chris Hughes is widely credited for being one of the driving forces that put President Barack Obama in office, as Hughes ran Obama's social media campaign. Hughes left Facebook in 2007 to work for the Obama campaign and create MyBarackObama.com. After the campaign, Hughes felt the need to continue working on efforts that encourage global change and awareness.

Jumo, which means "together in concert" in the West African language of Yoruba, is designed to foster relationships between everyday people and issues and organizations that are personally relevant to them. Jump will provide each person with information and opportunities for meaningful action tailored specifically to who they are. The Jumo office will open in Soho next week and, according to his blog, Hughes is looking to hire a developer, a design director and an "outreach director" who it says will require a "wide-ranging, nearly unparalleled command of the global development field and the command of the global development field and the ability to see through ideological constraints fairly and analytically."

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